A Community of Believers

Guest post from St. Paul’s Senior Pastor, Walter Beaudwin –
I believe the best experiences of the Passion of the Christ play relate to its sense of ecumenical involvement in witnessing our common faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ. In a genuine sense, our Christian community comes together to present the Good News of Jesus Christ. Denominational and political baggage are set aside for the sake of the message and faith-based fellowship. Families are invited to participate in an ongoing Bible study ultimately acted out boldly for the sake of the Kingdom. Persons young and, well, not so young gain practical firsthand experience as part of an evangelical team in community participation and sharing their faith to the world around us. Participants cannot help but grow in their faith journey while making new friends and developing deeper relationships in Christ Jesus our Savior and Redeemer. Our community is invited to come together to experience the Risen Lord perhaps in a new way or to discover a deeper meaning for their own lives.
In Jesus words from the Gospel of John 1:39 “Come and See.”

In the Love of Christ Jesus,
Reverend Doctor Walter Beaudwin
Senior Pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church
Lusby, Maryland

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