The Passion of Christ in Southern Maryland

Our sole purpose is to produce, once a year on Easter weekend, the story of the Passion of Christ.  The production is performed outside on Good Friday and Saturday evenings with live animals.  If rains, we have an indoor venue available.

Our Story

Our production is a little different from most as we must build our theater every year.   Of course, we need stage managers, stage crew, lighting crew, sound, makeup, costumes, and set painters and builders like every other show.  An armorer would be really helpful to work with soldiers outfits.

The Team


Community Group

Members from all over

The production is open to anyone to participate in - we have had Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics, Presbyterians, Non-denominational church members, as well as atheists and other non-Christian members of the community.   This is an all volunteer cast and crew.

Jesus carrying the cross.

Jesus and Roman Soldiers

On His way to die for our sins.

Jesus took upon himself the sins of us all. We are not capable of making an acceptable sacrifice for our own sins.  Therefore, God took it upon himself in the form of his son, Jesus, to pay the price for our sins for us.

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Jesus and His Disciples

Founder and Leaders of the Early Church

Jesus chose 12 disciples and had many other followers besides.  At the Last Supper, He gave his followers new instructions and tried to prepare them for his coming death.

Next Steps...

We hold auditions every year and need about 70 performers of all sorts - actors, musicians, singers, dancers.  We are in need of a choreographer.  All positions are volunteer.  Rehearsals run for approximately 5 weeks, starting with indoor spaces and then moving to out outdoor stage two weeks prior to the show.

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