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Jesus tells us that people will know we are Christians by the love we bear for one another.  He also tells us to share his gospel with the world.  We try to combine those two things in the Passion of Christ - that is why we draw participants from many churches and the unchurched to perform in this annual show.   Anyone coming to see it will see a variety of Christians coming together in love.  Putting the performance on the street corner is a way to make sure that those not in the church at least have the opportunity to attend without being in a church, to watch as much as they care to, and even if they don't stop at all, they will at least see that the story is being told.

Cast members find a welcoming group of fellow Christians who will pray for each other and care for each other during the weeks of production, set building, rehearsals and performances.  We have faced times of tragedy together and people were stronger for it.

Participants have ranged in age from ~6 to over 90 and we strive to accommodate all.

Unfortunately, we felt it was necesssary to cancel the production for 2020.  Please join us in 2021.




Photos for Website - 60 of 103