Annual outdoor production of the Passion of Christ

Since 2009, we have produced our own version of the last week of Jesus' ministry in an outdoor setting.  This story is based on a "harmony of the Gospels" approach, rather than selecting one Gospel over the others.  This approach works well because all four Gospels are telling the same story but each emphasizes different aspects of it. 

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Community based production

We are open to and depend on members of the Southern Maryland community to participate in the performance.

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Tech support

When we do a performance, we build the entire set and theater from the ground up.  If you want a little different theatrical experience, please come and help.

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What we are all about.

Promoting the story of God's sacrificial love by telling the story and bearing witness to the love.

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Next Steps...

We would like you to join us.  You can participate by making a donation, spreading the word through social media and through your church and friends, and by joining the annual cast and crew.  Use the Contact Us button if you would like to participate in the program.

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